2013 in review

Writing has been my creative outlet this year. On the blog I’m writing about things that interest me, like Chinese language and culture, and am delighted to discover other people find them interesting as well! I’m also writing a book about TCKs.

Mind your Ps and Qs: the Chinese please

In English we use “please” a lot. Use it and you’re polite. Don’t and you’re rude. So an English speaker learns the word 请 [qǐng], often translated “please”, and starts throwing it around in Chinese. Problem is, that’s not how Chinese use 请.

How do you 怎么?

怎么 [zěnme] is a great word because it is so useful. I love that something simple on the surface contains great subtlety, and learning to communicate implied messages simply and fluently – like a Chinese – not spelling it out – like a westerner.