Favourite Stories

The Popular Posts page lists those stories that have been viewed most often over time. This is a list of my own personal favourites – stories I like to re-read and remember.

I’ve started by choosing a Top 5:

  1. Water Stories (Swan Pool) – July 2009
    Swan Lake in a pool with nunchucks. Enough said.
  2. Cold and Cab Stories – December 2010
    Stories about taxi drivers and their backgrounds.
  3. ANZAC Day in Beijing – April 2013
    An explanation of this Australian holiday and how I observe it overseas.
  4. Accent Wars – November 2013
    It’s amazing how much of one’s identity is wrapped up in language.
  5. Conversing with House Plants – April 2014
    Sometimes it can be confusing when a white girl speaks Chinese.

And because there’s no way I can keep it to just 5, here are some more of my favourites…


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