ANZAC Day with my grandparents

I visited my grandparents for ANZAC Day. I wore my great-grandfather’s WWII medals, saw my grandfather’s WWII medals and more, and he also gave me my great-grandfather’s bible. AND it was my grandparents’ 63rd anniversary. It was a special time.

ANZAC Day is here again

This year ANZAC Day comes with terrible timing, but it’s important to me to go to the Dawn Service at the Australian embassy one last time. While I’ll be groaning when I get up in the morning, I know I’ll be glad I went.

ANZAC Day in Beijing

This is why I go to the dawn service. While it is a holiday for Australia and New Zealand, there is no “us vs them” mentality. All deaths in war are tragic losses. ANZAC Day does not glorify war. Instead, it remembers the cost of war, on all sides.