Chinaversary reflections: turmoil of my fourth year

My fourth year in China was hard, but it was a pivot point. I learned more about what I wanted from life. In some ways it was the end of youthful angst. My attitude was shifting, and my direction in life becoming more clear.

Chinaversary reflections: growth of my third year

My third year in China had highs and lows, but I wasn’t going through the tumult alone. And while there was pain, challenge, disappointment, stress and strain – it was all laying a foundation for who I would be in the years that followed.

Chinaversary Celebration

More than 40 people came to a favourite Chinese restaurant to celebrate my 10 year Chinaversary. I was busy chatting and enjoying myself and my friends for hours. I also prepared my Top 10 Top 10 Lists from 10 years in China!