The beautiful rain of Sydney

A rainy day in Sydney is very much alive with colour and sound and beautiful clouds. There is the sound of rain and of wind, trees twisting in the wind, lightning arcing across the sky, the loud colours of living plants highlighted in the glistening wet. Not to mention the scent of damp earth, and eucalytpus. How can anyone not love all that?

This is the sort of depth we plowed through down flooded back streets.

Adventures on a rainy Phnom Penh night

The tuktuk plowed through deep water on flooded back roads. The tuktuk suddenly began leaning toward the right. So there I was, standing under an awning by the side of a small road, looking at a disabled tuktuk and listening to the rain.

Posing on my moped

Driving into impending doom…

The TCK workers’ retreat in Thailand went really well. There were only 6 people, but the small size gave us some flexibility. I had wondered if there was enough “content” but was committed to making it a restful experience. Looking back I’m glad the time was not more structured and that the sessions were so…