A week in Wollongong

I mentioned in a recent post that I recently spent a week in Wollongong with a group from my college. The goal for most is to try new things, be stretched and challenged. Not so much for me. But it was what I needed. To be reminded that I have useful, practical skills I enjoy! It was nice to feel competent again.

Adjusting to a different international community

People keep asking me about re-entry, and whether I’m struggling to re-adjust. The problem is, I’m starting again, more than returning to something. One big difference community living rather than abundant solitude. One similarity is the international flavour of the community I am living in. It’s also lovely to start reconnecting to the culture of my passport country – its beaches and parks, at least!

The first week of my new life

I have now been at SMBC for a whole week – so here are some stories from my first week of my new life here in Sydney, Australia. I am amazed at how settled and content I feel just one week in. I do expect the weight of the transition to hit at some point, but I live on a lovely campus with lovely people and am enjoying the study so far.