Looking up and down the stairs outside the house...

Christmas at Moganshan 莫干山

Moganshan is a mountain resort area near Hangzhou. It was settled by missionaries in the late 1800s as a retreat from the hot, humid Shanghai weather. Wealthy foreigners built sprawling houses with tennis courts and swimming pools.

Cross Stitch

2012 Trip – part 1: Family in the East

I am currently travelling, and I’m dividing up my stories into three parts. Also, I have a new camera! I have finally replaced the one that died in Buatong Waterfall (Chiangmai) last July :) On April 26th, 2012, my maternal grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Quite the achievement! I planned a trip home to…

The three flatmates!

Autumn in Beijing

Hi everyone, It’s now Autumn in Beijing. The temperature cooled off quite suddenly a few weeks ago and now I need a cardigan at night. The weather has been beautiful for most of the past week – clear skies and warm sun. I am soaking up the sun while it is still around! I’m sorry…