Memories of Chunjies past

Today is Chinese new year’s eve! It’s such a fun time of year to be in China and it’s strange not to be there – a reminder that I really have started a new season of my life. This is actually the first time in ten years that I am outside China for Chinese new year! Here is a collection of those stories I’ve written about Chinese new year and its various traditions.


Legislating Fireworks

Think about it this way. The government bans your favourite holiday tradition. 13 years later you have children who have never experienced it, so you pour a lot of cash into preparing. Now, mutliply that scenario by about 5 million.

Oh, Chinese new year…

Chinese new year in Beijing is something quite difficult to relate second-hand. It’s something I recommend experiencing in person! Yes, there are plenty of annoying things about it, but I enjoy it anyway. I arrived in China just after Chinese new year 2004 and I was out of the country for the start of 2005,…