Trilingual study notes help, of course...!

Language battles: 中文 vs ភាសាខ្មែរ

I’ve been studying Khmer – the ninth language I’ve studied in a classroom. These days both English and Chinese grammar feel natural to me – neither is awkward. But Khmer falls so in between that I get confused. The feeling that I’m mixing two individually comfortable but different grammars gets me all turned around!


Behind and before

To learn language well means going beyond translating English thoughts into Chinese, instead expressing myself in wholly Chinese thoughts – to see the world through that lens. To not be chained to “front” as “future” and “behind” as “past”.


I wrote this shortly before leaving Bangkok – a month ago already! I had two days there and it was fabulous. I hope this bit of writing will help convey just how amazing it was, and why…. Bangkok For years I’ve had a “shelf dream” of living in Thailand for a year to study the…