Winter Wonderland

It’s been a wintery, Christmassy week in Beijing. I had plans to shop with friends at the Christmas market and snow falling all day added to the Christmassy mood. Some plastic display trees had fake snow, others were covered in REAL snow!

Snow in March!

I woke this morning to find a layer of wet, white snow on everything. Last night’s rain turned to snow around 11pm as the temperature dropped. Gotta love snow after a week of warm weather (warm meaning tops of 12 or so several days in a row). The drive to church was so pretty! The…


…and the new year begins

Hello peoples! It is time for another exciting* installment of the Life of Tanya! As it’s a new year, I’ve tried to clean up the mailing list a little – delete multiple email addresses, added some new friends, etc. As always, if you want off the list at any time just let me know –…