Winter Wonderland

It’s been a wintery, Christmassy week here in Beijing. We had several snowfalls last week – and I always love snow!

Some shots of my compound in the snow

Some shots of my compound in the snow

We actually had to cancel the Christmas party for our middle school youth group because of the weather – lots of snow and roads getting icy. Instead, we invited them to join us the next night and had a combined middle school/high school party. A few of us spent a while clearing the path from the carpark to the youth room (with a small broom and a piece of cardboard) and then I stood guard out front making sure no one slipped on the river of ice by the door. There was a lot of noise, games, a few toilet-paper-dodgeball-related injuries, and a LOT of yummy home-baked snacks.

Outside my complex. Note the Chinese snowman, complete with cigarette...

Outside my complex. Note the Chinese snowman, complete with cigarette…



On the way home the snow started again, and by the morning there was about 2 inches on the ground. I had plans to go shopping with some girlfriends at the Christmas market and the snow falling all day definitely added to the Christmassy mood. Some of the plastic trees on display outside the temporary stores had fake snow on them. Others were covered in REAL snow! Like these two – in Christmassy green and… red? I bought some new ornaments for my tree so it is now VERY full and pretty and still making me happy every time I walk past it :)


A benefit of the snow was the weather warmed a little, but it’s headed back down. By this weekend the overnight minimum will be down around -20 (-4 F). One forecast I saw actually had it down at -30 (-22 F). Thankfully, by then I will be further south where it will not be warm, but certainly warmer.

christmas hairAnd the last touch for a happy Christmas – I added some red to the green dye already in my hair, and now it is much more… festive!!


4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Love your posts. Thank you ! Love your Christmas tree ! Thank you for the photos. Love your hair! Thank you for the photo. Love you and may you be abundantly blessed in all you are doing at this Season and in 2013.

  2. enjoy your beautiful tree…. once you have kids it never looks quite the same… until the grow up and leave… grow up and leave already won’t you?

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