So I’m sitting on my grandparents’ couch, using my Mum’s laptop, borrowing the wireless network from a hearby house that we are picking up here… ;)

Just thought I’d pop online and say that I’m not dead. The plane got me safely home and yes, I’m talking my head off at everyone! Best thing is that now I’m back it so doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from my sister so long. Hopefully catching up with Carla in Beijing in February will be a similar thing.

Will be back in Canberra in a week’s time. I’m starting to think that it was a really good thing to come to my grandparents’ first. This has always been a place I visit, not a place I live, so it’s okay that some things are different. Canberra may be a bit more challenging… We’ll see.

It’s 37 outside so I’m enjoying the AC. Sometimes I get freaked out being on the left side of the road, or assume we’re supposed to turn on to the right hand side, but hey, I’m not driving yet anyway. It’s weird but cool seeing so many holdens and utes and people taller than me. I’m remembering quickly how cool the feeling of a good holden pulling up a hill is… and when you pull back into the seat as it kicks up the power… and the feeling of ABS… Can’t believe it’s 5pm already – still such BRIGHT sunshine! I’m enjoying sandwiches with beetroot and ham cut off the bone. And roast lamb with mint sauce. Yummm… And people understanding the brilliance of vegemite! And lots of lovely Aussie accents :)

Anyway, I should get going. For those of you in Canberra, I hope to see you soon! For those of you in Beijing… enjoy the cold for me ;)

love Tanya


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