A request…

Hi Everyone,

So I’m ready for a busy week! It’s amazing how full my week even dropping 30 hours from work…!! I sang at church this morning, which was lovely. I miss singing!! I get to sing at both services next week, I’m looking forward to that. I don’t think I’ve sung in the bi-lingual service since November, which is a great pity.

I have an ulterior motive in my little email tonight. You see, today is two months until my birthday. I will be 25 this year – a quarter of a century! I plan on putting together some sort of celebration – I have a must-wear-silver requirement in mind, or something like that… haven’t worked that out yet. It’s also not the point. The point IS that I have a request this year. There’s something that I really want for my birthday. Something that anyone can do for me. I’m especially thinking of my friends back in Australia.

I would really like some mail.

My mailbox has been conspicuously empty this last year. I suppose that’s in part due to the fact that I haven’t been sending much mail. I stopped when my arms got bad, and I cut out all unnecessary stuff. The thing is, I really really love getting mail. It’s amazing how much a little letter can make my day! I’m not asking for anything fancy. You’d be stunned at how much a few simple lines scribbled on a piece of paper torn from a spiral notebook can mean once they are sent in the mail :-)

Anyway, that’s my request! And if you include a return address, I promise to reply!! So you even get something out of it…

Hope you all have a lovely week!

love Tanya


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