2013 in review

Writing has been my creative outlet this year. On the blog I’m writing about things that interest me, like Chinese language and culture, and am delighted to discover other people find them interesting as well! I’m also writing a book about TCKs.

Travel time :)

Xiao Qin has never been on a plane and the idea of luggage limits was incredible to her. I appreciate moments like that – when I am reminded just how different my experience of the world is to the experiences of others.

So I joined a scooter gang…

For months the other youth leaders have talked about how I need to get a scooter so we could be a scooter gang. A week ago, on a beautiful day, we all had a meeting closer to town and rode together – it was the inaugural ride of the Shunyi Pandas!

My Liebster Award

I was recently offered a Liebster Award, and it is an honour to be recognised. I am still surprised every time someone I don’t know personally interacts with my stories. It is wonderful to find that my writing can interest or entertain others.