Travel time :)

Life has been busy lately BUT I am now packed and ready for my red eye flight – Beijing, KL, Australia!! Our family is meeting at the Gold Coast this year, so I’m looking forward to sun, sea and stars! I haven’t been with my family for Christmas for 5 years, so I’m very excited, especially to see family members I’ve not seen in years, and to meet my cousin’s daughters for the first time.

suitcaseThe main reason I was all packed with hours to go is that my ayi (house helper) saw me in the middle of my packing chaos and decided I needed help – so she jumped in, folding clothes, helping pack and zip and generally cram it all in. We had an interesting conversation as we worked. I was constantly weighing bags, deciding whether or not to add this or that extra thing. Xiao Qin has never been on a plane and the idea of luggage limits was incredible to her. She couldn’t believe that after spending all that money on a plane ticket they would also charge you for bringing extra things.

I appreciate moments like that – when I am reminded just how different my experience of the world is to the experiences of others. The different idea that crossed my mind today, however, is that my experience of the world is also very different to most Australians. I wonder if I can learn to equally appreciate conversations the other way around… and I don’t see why not.


2 thoughts on “Travel time :)

  1. Dear Tanya Have a great time at Christmas with your family. Looking forward to catching up in Sydney in 2014. With love Audrey Bruce

  2. Have an awesome time in Oz – we’ll be there from mid Feb 14 for a few months – any chance you’ll be there then too? As always love your updates and hope you can come for a visit one day soon!

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