China Travel 2012: Huang Long – part 2

The travertinepools, waterfalls, and wide swaths of limestone bumps, stretch up to 70m across (230 ft) across the valley. The mix of greens – dark pines, bright deciduous – fascinated me. Equally stunning were pools of clear bright aqua water.

China Travel 2012: Huang Long – part 1

The highest point of the pass was 4,000m (13,000 ft) above sea level; the sky was a stunningly deep blue and we saw yaks grazing. The base of the mountain was 3,200m (10,500 ft); ten minutes in a cable car later we were at 3,500m (11,500 ft).

Travel Stories – Chengdu

Finally, here it is, the last installment of my travelogue. This section is about Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. We were only there for two days but it was fun, and involved pandas! Facts about Chengdu (成都): Chengdu was the birthplace of the first widely used paper money in the world (Northern Song Dynasty,…

Wu cai chi

Travel Stories – Jiuzhaigou

Welcome to part 4, the penultimate portion of my travelogue! It’s a long one, especially given that it covers a single 24 hour period, but Jiuzhaigou is a pretty amazing place – definitely a highlight of the trip for all of us. Neither words nor pictures can really explain it, but I’m having a whirl…