Time’s almost up!

Well, Natasha is now 21. The parties, muchly enjoyed, are over, and my time in Australia is drawing to a close. My grandparents will be in town for a few days, then I’ll be staying around in Canberra til Sunday (going to a dress up ball on Saturday night). I’ll be crashing at a friend’s place in Sydney for two nights, then I fly out on Tuesday afternoon. I stop in Bangkok sometime during the night before arriving in Beijing sometime Wednesday morning. YAY!!!!

Daddy (34)

I’m so excited to get home (and by home I mean Beijing). I miss my apartment (my bed, my shower, my couch, my piano, my SPACE!) and I miss the youth and I miss Chinese (language and food) and I miss my tribe (those that remain) and I miss… my life. I was ready to go back weeks ago! But I’m glad I was still here – I’ve had a few really great interactions in the past week that make it all worthwhile J

As for stories about Canberra…. I don’t know what to say, really! I’ve put a bunch of photos on facebook, for those of you who use it, and I’ll probably email a few out later, when I can be bothered ;)  I’ll definitely send photos of the party once I take them off my camera. And all the other cameras.

For those of you in Australia – glad I saw a bunch of you, sad I missed most of you.

For those of you in Beijing – I’ll see you soon!!!!

For those of you in neither of my “homes” – send me an email ;)

Love Tanya


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