View from the park up the road where I sat outside reading around sunset.

Whirlwind visit to Australia

My past two visits to Australia have been the easiest I’ve made in ten years. Were they easier because I’m already looking ahead to moving there? It’s still strange to think about not being in China, but I feel more at peace about the coming move.

Summer travels – Hanoi

Yesterday (Thursday) was my tourist day. I rarely play tourist in my travels (my touring is more about seeing people and taking part in events) but I really, really enjoyed it on this occasion. I met up with Beth, a girl I knew in China a long time ago, and together we wandered the old…

Tanya in Bangkok

So I made it to Bangkok without a hitch. Well, sort of. I made it without a hitch my second try… I managed to get mixed up and thought my flight was 9pm Monday night when it was actually 9am Monday morning! Oops! Made a few calls and my travel agent got me on a…