Tanya in Bangkok

So I made it to Bangkok without a hitch. Well, sort of. I made it without a hitch my second try…

I managed to get mixed up and thought my flight was 9pm Monday night when it was actually 9am Monday morning! Oops! Made a few calls and my travel agent got me on a 5:30pm flight for Tuesday for no charge – so I left my big suitcase at the airport and went home for the night. Got into Bangkok about 9:30pm local time (an hour behind China, 3 hours behind Canberra). I found my way to the guest house Carla told me about (at least I think it’s the same one!) and got a really basic room for the night – a bed and a light and a fan and a shared bathroom down the hall. For 40 RMB who cares, right?

So I dumped my stuff and changed then went out for a little walk. Bought some phad thai and some big bottles of water and thought about getting all sorts of other street food but with my tummy having been a bit upset the last two days i figured i shouldn’t push it too much ;) Slept on and off for 6 hours then got up again. Bought a ticket for the overnight bus/boat to Koh Phangan – I’ll leave a bit before 5pm. Wandered around teh area for almost an hour then got some breakfast at a backpackers – awesome bread!! I remember awesome bread…yum… ANYWAY! my arms aren’t ilking the humidity and i’m tired cos i haven’t slept much this week so i’m taking it easy. I’ll take a shower and check out and go for another wander then head off to the bus. And I should see Carla tomorrow! Yay!





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