Tanya is back in Canberra!

Hi everyone!

Well, I made it back to Australia! I got in to Sydney lunchtime Tuesday and to Canberra the next evening. Last night I slept in my old room in my old bed. Mum made the bed up with a blanket and two doonas and I thought I was going to be too hot but no, it was just right. I forgot how cold it really is! Today was 3-7 degrees C, or something like that!

Today I went out and started replacing everything that had expired – new driver’s license, new medicare card, new sim card, and we’re working on a new credit card. It was sooo fun going shopping wth mum — all the things you can just BUY in a regular supermarket!!! Much excitement! And it’s cool to see how “normal” certain food items are becoming – like the fact that it’s easy to buy 6 different types of rice off the normal grocery store shelf (white, brown, long/short grain, jasmine, basmati, arborio or whatever its called…) I got bread at Baker’s Delight and it was yummy! Lots of other things too but I won’t bore you with it all ;)

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Doesn’t feel as weird as last time, but we’ll see. I’m here for over 6 weeks, and planning to take it fairly easy, but if you’re around and want to catch up, give me a call and we’ll sort something out :)


PS – Thailand was fun!

Picture 239


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