Something new

While I’m not excited about leaving China, I am excited about WHY I am leaving. As surreal as it is to be leaving the world I know and love here, I want to continue to grow – which means being me in different places, doing different things.

A farewell to furniture

I remember how different my apartment felt when that furniture arrived. They weren’t just things – they meant something. It’s so strange to think they won’t be mine again. That these solid pieces of my life in China are just gone.

Champagne with my sister; Stargate party; Mum's curtains; hanging out with friends

Memories of Yinling

I thought I would be sad to leave my apartment, that I would miss it a lot, but I mostly feel thankful – for all the things I learned during 3 years in Yinling, and all the memories made there. This post is thank you and farewell to my first real home.

Moving house in China

I have moved house 5 times in my 9 years in China, always fairly local moves. Over the weekend I made my most recent move. Surprisingly there weren’t any hiccups, parlty cos I made got a chu men tiao before moving. This step is easy to miss!

Moving Time!

I will be moving house on Saturday afternoon!! Yay!! I still have a cat in need of a new homeĀ – Lanlan is about two years old and very cute. If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking him please let me know ASAP! The apartment Bec and I originally found fell through…


a new house!!

So here’s the story on my new apartment! Bec went to The Seasons on Friday afternoon to see an apartment. It turned out to be in the same building and same room number as the place we already saw – which meant almost certainly the same floor plan. Anyway, they knocked on the door for…

A shot of me from the album photoshoot

Moving and Music!

Hi everyone, In this update: moving to Beijing cat to good home info on my upcoming album I am getting very excited about moving back to Beijing. I’m looking for a place together with the lovely Bec. She and I shared a flat in Wangjing for 6 months before I moved to Langfang and I…

I have a new apartment!

Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes! I wanted to share my good news with you all :) I found a place! It’s much bigger than I need but I can afford it and there is so much about it that I love! I spoke to my new landlord this morning and will move in…