Something new

While I’m not excited about leaving China, I am excited about WHY I am leaving. As surreal as it is to be leaving the world I know and love here, I want to continue to grow – which means being me in different places, doing different things.

A farewell to furniture

I remember how different my apartment felt when that furniture arrived. They weren’t just things – they meant something. It’s so strange to think they won’t be mine again. That these solid pieces of my life in China are just gone.

Champagne with my sister; Stargate party; Mum's curtains; hanging out with friends

Memories of Yinling

I thought I would be sad to leave my apartment, that I would miss it a lot, but I mostly feel thankful – for all the things I learned during 3 years in Yinling, and all the memories made there. This post is thank you and farewell to my first real home.

Moving house in China

I have moved house 5 times in my 9 years in China, always fairly local moves. Over the weekend I made my most recent move. Surprisingly there weren’t any hiccups, parlty cos I made got a chu men tiao before moving. This step is easy to miss!

Moving Time!

I will be moving house on Saturday afternoon!! Yay!! I still have a cat in need of a new homeĀ – Lanlan is about two years old and very cute. If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking him please let me know ASAP! The apartment Bec and I originally found fell through…