I have a new apartment!

Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes! I wanted to share my good news with you all :)

I found a place! It’s much bigger than I need but I can afford it and there is so much about it that I love! I spoke to my new landlord this morning and will move in late next week. I am hiring a moving company to assist me – they will take care of all my packing as well as the moving itself. They’re coming to my apartment in Beijing to pack up all my stuff next Wednesday and the next day will come back to move it all to my new place in Langfang. The best thing about that is that my new place is on the fourth floor and there is no lift – so they are going to carry it all up for me! Yay!

So on to the new place! It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room (which is effectively divided into two spaces) and a pretty big and useful kitcken. There are also two enclosed balcony spaces – one set up as a study with a built in desk, and the other quite small, but still a useful extra space. So all in all it’s a LOT bigger than the place I have now (and share with Bec).

And the whole thing costs less than half what my current place does which means that even having the whole place to myself I will be paying LESS rent than I am now. Small towns do have advantages ;)

My bedroom has an ensuite bathroom with a bathtub so that’s exciting! All the bedrooms are bare (no furniture) but have built in wardrobes. There is no washing machine but there is a new fridge and new AC units in every bedroom and a big one in the living room. There is a couch and matching arm chairs in the living room, plus a smallish TV sitting on a smallish unit. That’s really about it for furniture. One of the best things from my perspective is that there are windows down both sides of the house – there is light from both sides of the living space, and decent windows in every bedroom.

Anyway, that’s enough raving! Just wanted to tell you all in one go now that it’s settled :)




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