Moving and Music!

Hi everyone,

In this update:

  • moving to Beijing
  • cat to good home
  • info on my upcoming album

I am getting very excited about moving back to Beijing. I’m looking for a place together with the lovely Bec. She and I shared a flat in Wangjing for 6 months before I moved to Langfang and I am delighted to be living with her again. We’re looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom place in The Seasons, by the line 13 Wang Jing Xi station. I’m told that *everyone* lives at the Seasons so if you or anyone you know fits in that category and could help us out with advice on finding a place, please let me know! We’d like to move in mid-June to early July.

Bec and I will be keeping one of my cats, but I think it’s too much to put both of them in a Beijing apartment. Please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested in adopting a cat!

Things are progressing with my album, Sweet Uncertainty. There is now a Facebook page for me/the album! I’ve uploaded some pics from the photoshoot for the album. Ting, one of my girls here, did all the photography. I think they turned out really well!

As for some of the other questions you’ve been asking:

  • The album has 12 tracks – 11 songs I’ve written and something special
  • So far 23 people are involved, including 16 TCK youth
  • I have no idea what “genre” to classify it as!
  • Yes, I will be selling it online. You’ll be able to buy it by credit card or with a paypal account.
  • Yes, it will be available on iTunes (and amazon), but probably not until I’ve sold most of the hard copies.
  • The price is 150 RMB / $25 AUD / $22 USD

If you know you’re planning to buy a copy (or copies!) please let me know. These pre-orders will help me work out how many copies to send to different locations for dropshipping.

That’s all for now! Hope the weather wherever you are is as nice as the weather we’ve had here lately. I am loooooving it! I’m also trying not to think about the fact that soon it will be hot and humid and icky…

Love Tanya

A shot of me from the album photoshoot

A shot of me from the album photoshoot


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