Travelling to Australia

Hi friends!

I’m writing to you because my Great Tour of Australia is in the works and I’m hoping for your help!

I’m planning to be in the Canberra-Sydney area August 6th-13th, Newcastle around the 14th-15th, Melbourne about the 19th-24th, and Perth/Kalgoorlie about the 25th-29th. (Only the arrival and departure dates are confirmed, the rest is a rough draft and is flexible depending on what gigs I set up where/when).

I’ll be travelling with my good friend Rich, another youth worker musician. If you don’t recall me mentioning Rich previously, he’s a close friend I met doing youth work in Beijing, although he’s returned to England since then. Our friend Leesha, a Canadian who also did youth work in China, will hopefully also be joining us for some of the trip.

We’re looking to play gigs and sell CDs. I would love to have opportunities to talk about the youth work I do in China (as I’m selling the album in order to financially support my ministry here). Rich and I are prepared to do any number of things at any number of venues – all depends on what we can arrange. We can lead worship, speak, preach, and play our own non-worship-but-still-Christian songs. We would absolutely LOVE to help out at youth groups/youth events but we’re certainly not limited to that. We’re happy doing cafe music (in a church or a bar or wherever) and we’re comfortable sharing as part of regular church worship, so we’re pretty much prepared for anything! We’ll be playing music from both our albums. I will be selling my album and Rich will be talking about his (it’s available online).

My next step is to start putting together dates of places to be where/when. If you know a place we could be of service, perform… or anything like that, please let me know! And feel free to pass my contact info on to any friends you think would be interested in having us visit a particular place/group.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you all in August!

Love Tanya

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