Campference and New Hair!

Hi everyone,

Photos from Campference 2010

Photos from Campference 2010

This weekend was youth campference – it was awesome! I missed half of Saturday so I could attend (and sing at) a good friend’s wedding, but I was there for the rest of the weekend. I was so excited to hang out with my kids and meet new kids. Knowing that I’ll soon be back in town and able to spend more time building on the connections made a camp really excites me and reminds me that I’ve made the right choice – I really do want to be here, focussed on youth.

As you’ll notice in the pics, I have changed my hair again :) It is now black with hot pink-red streaks. I love it!! Here’s another pic so you can see it better :)

New hair - again.

New hair – again.

The album is getting closer and closer to done! Cover art is looking great, domain names are registered, almost all the recording is done… very exciting!

On another note, I get asked about what I do at work fairly often (I work for a small apparel export company). It’s a hard question to answer succinctly as every workday (and workweek) looks different. It’s the thing I like best about working at a small company – I get a chance to do a range of things and learn a lot in the process. Something I’ve been working on a lot the past couple of months is our company website and blog. An article I wrote went up this week so I thought you might be interested in taking a look. Feel free to comment :)

That’s all for now – I’ll write again soon with more info on the album!

Love Tanya


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