China Travel 2012: Jiuzhaigou

I first visited Jiuzhaigou National Park in China’s Sichuan province with my parents in October 2009. I was surprised at how different my second experience was! It was early summer as opposed to Autumn, so there was a big colour difference.

Beijing Conference 2011

Youth Conference in Beijing was April 2nd-3rd. I left early in order to get to Thailand and was SO bummed to miss the last session with my Beijing kids, but that’s what happens when you try to do two conferences at the same time. (I was a day late to the conference in Cha-am). I’ll…

New hair - again.

Campference and New Hair!

Hi everyone, This weekend was youth campference – it was awesome! I missed half of Saturday so I could attend (and sing at) a good friend’s wedding, but I was there for the rest of the weekend. I was so excited to hang out with my kids and meet new kids. Knowing that I’ll soon…