TanyaWorld Update – house, album, tour!

So! Lots going on in TanyaWorld!

Bec and I looked at an apartment on Friday and put a deposit down on Saturday! There are some things to resolve but overall we feel a real peace and confidence that this is The Place and that, therefore, everything will fall into place sooner or later. It’s 200m2, 10th floor, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrroms, and a huge open living space. The big issue right now is that it’s a BIG place and we need a third roommate to cover costs – until we find her we’ll have to cover bond and rent upfront alone.

The album is finished! Everything has been sent in (including the deposit) and I have approved the audio master proof. Production should be completed in a week, and then I’m just waiting on shipping. Not long til I have the CD in my hands ready to sell! I am ready to take pre-order payments now. If you know you’re planning to buy a copy and can help me out by paying in advance that would be amazing! 150 pre-orders will cover my share of bond/advance rent.

Price: $25 AUD / $22 USD / 150 RMB (shipping to US/Australia addresses is $3, international shipping is $5 – obviously no shipping charge if you get it from me in person!)

I can accept payment through paypal (my account uses this email address), by credit card(processed through paypal – you don’t have to have a paypal account to do this), Australian bank transfer (contact me for account details), or in cash here in Beijing :)

Australia Tour!

Rich and I have booked tickets on a flight from Cambodia to Sydney, arriving August 6th, and I am in the process of arranging our itinerary. We are arranging gigs and church visits all over the place – to play our music, talk about youth work in China, and sell my CDs. And visit lots of people! If you know a venue we might be able to play at, please let me know :)

Approx. dates:

Sydney/Canberra: August 6-13

Singleton/Newcastle: August 14-15

Melbourne: August 19-24

Kalgoorlie/Perth: August 25-29

Also, if you missed it, I now have a Facebook page (for my music, in addition to my personal page). Last I checked there were 201 non-fans (you don’t become a fan anymore, you just “like” things) which is awesome! I’m thinking about giving away some sort of lucky draw freebie when I hit 500 like-ers…

This year sees a LOT of grade 12 students graduate high school and leave Beijing. I think I counted 32 that I have some connection with; at least half of those I know quite well. All the graduations and related events are now over… it’s been a crazy few weeks and not a little sad, but I’m also excited about the kids I’ll be able to connect with next year, especially the weekly grade 11-12 girls small group I’ll be running in my apartment. I’ve been lax about taking photos as of late, but I’ve attached pics taken with just a few of my favourite graduates this weekend. There are so many more I don’t have pics with!

I have only three weeks left in Langfang now – crazy! At some point I’ll need to pack and arrange movers… now that the album is finished and the graduations are over (and we’ve actually found a place to move to) I can start worrying about all those details. Anyway, that’s the update!

Lots of love,


PS – I have, of course, changed my hair again. I overdyed the top with purple this time, making it a little darker, but the bright pink underneath is still there and looks crazy when I pull my hair up!

Some of the 2010 Graduates

Some of the 2010 Graduates


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