drawing in chalk

I just wanted to share with you an extra story from my month.

The other week our office had a charity day – we spent the morning at two foster homes, playing with kids and helping clean windows etc. This is something the company does four times a year. The morning concludes with the staff watching as the boss hands over a cheque to the charities, and everyone has lunch together at a restaurant (a bit of a treat!)

At one point a bunch of chalk was brought out so the kids could draw on the concrete surface of the basketball court. A girl named Lina asked me if I knew how to draw – so I drew a (rather dodgy) kangaroo. This delighted her – and all the ladies nearby (some of our workers and some of the carers from the foster home).

Lina asked me to teach her how to draw a kangaroo – so I repeated my awful sketch slowly, so she could copy me step by step. Two of the ladies also crouched down and tried their hand. Next we moved on to koalas, platypuses and echidnas. I got to try explaining “montreme” in Chinese… it was fun!

One more thing: Lina has no arms – I don’t know whether from a birth defect or from some sort of accident or illness later. Anyway, Lina loves to draw and paint – she puts the pen/brush between her 1st and 2nd toes. She’s a real sweetheart and it was lovely to draw with chalk alongside her.


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