Swine Flu

So 61 people (last I heard, anyway) at university city have been diagnosed with swine flu.  I’m not worried about getting sick or anything, but things are frustrating!! There are police blocks at both gates. Apparently during the day yesterday they weren’t letting people in or out. When you do go through (in or out) they take your temperature. If you have a fever, you are put in a van and taken to a hospital somewhere. Suffice to say, if I get a cold, I will be staying home!

Most of the students (those who can) have gone home, so it’s all empty again – and the summer only just finished!! AND all the taxis (well the black cabs who actually work in university city) won’t come in. Some the few cars that ARE inside won’t go out and the rest won’t come in – just line up at the gate. So today I walked half an hour to the gate, stood in line to have my temperature taken, and then the black cab wanted TEN KUAI to take me round the corner to work so I crossed the street to take a regular taxi for five kuai.

There’s always something happening at da xue cheng….



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