Summer Fun

“It’s a goodnight feeling when summer’s leaving”

Bonus Points* to those who know the song that’s from. (Stefan you don’t get bonus points, but you do get cred for introducing me to it!)

Summer is nearly over. The weather is starting to cool a bit (I’m wearing closed toed shoes today!) and University City is beginning to show signs of life. I found a takeaway menu from a cheap chinese place stuck in my door one afternoon this week so it seems I’ll be able to get FOOD again :)

 How to know it’s Summer at University City:

  • Half the businesses are closed for renovation
  • Half the rest are just closed
  • Half the roads are dug up for pothole repairs
  • There aren’t enough cars for this to affect traffic
  • Most of the people you see work there
  • Half of those are working on renovations
  • The 24 hour McDonalds is open 8am-10pm

Things of note from the summer:
On the 12th of August my sister turned 23 and also brought up 5.5 years since I first moved to China – crazy!

I got a really bad sunburn – my own fault for spending 5 hours of one of the sunniest Saturdays of the summer by the sides of beautiful Shunyi pools…. yep, it was totally worth it. Especially since a week later I was in possession of my best tan in a decade ;)

Yes, I know better. Hence why I’ve never burned like that in Australia. I’ve never owned sunscreen in China cos I’ve never needed it before. On the upside, I provided the staff at work with lots of entertainment as they discussed why I was so red (had to be an allergic reaction, right?) and then discussing why on earth foreigners would LIKE tanned skin, and why I have so many moles and freckles…)

Sunday School
I taught the high school sunday school class at BICF for 7 weeks which was really fun! I put together a study on 6 of the minor prophets (which I love) and we looked at some biblical history and talked (and disagreed!) about a whole bunch of stuff. Then there was the locked door, the starbucks offering, the random tangents, running out of books…  like I said, it was really fun! Apart from anything else I really enjoyed seeing my kids every week through the summer.

Renovation Fun
The apartment two floors below mine started loud renovations (think lots of drilling/electric sawing noises) at the beginning of June. They considerately started early and ended late most days so that I wouldn’t miss out by being at work… The last week has been relatively quiet so here’s hoping they’re done! 6+ weeks of noisy renovations next door to our office were finally completed in July. (We have a four story terrace slice of building, so we share thin Chinese walls with two adjoining properties). Celebrations were short lived, however, as the building on the other side started their own even noisier renovations two weeks later…

The Countdowns!

  • ParentPeople’s trip to China – 4 weeks and 5 days to go!
  • Natasha and Dante: The Wedding – 12 weeks and 3 days to go!

What I’ve Been Listening To This Summer:
Bleed American (Jimmy Eat World)
A Lesson In Romantics (Mayday Parade)
The Everglow (Mae)

What I’ve Been Watching This Summer:
Stargate Atlantis (Season 5)
The Closer S1-3
Bones S3
Greys Anatomy S4
Arrested Development S1
Bayblon 5 S1

* “Bonus Points” consist mostly of a smug sense of superiority plus the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that I approve of your taste in music. Or, at least, in your liking this particular song.

Enjoying a sunny day in Langfang

Enjoying a sunny day in Langfang


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