My Album in NOW ON SALE!!!

The moment has arrived. Sweet Uncertainty is ON SALE!!!! 

You can buy it as an online download, but I recommend getting the actual physical album.

Price: 150 RMB / $22 USD / $25 AUD

Why buy the actual album when you can download online?

  1. It’s cheaper
  2. You get a cool insert with lyrics and photos
  3. I can’t autograph an mp3 file!

How do I buy it?

  • If you live in China…
    • pay me cash and I’ll hand a copy to you! (Clearing customs now, gotta wait up to a week. I’ll have them at CCC on July 10th)
    • pay online using the options below (no shipping charge) and come get a copy from me :)
  • If you live in Australia…
    • o buy it from me in person during my tour in August (no shipping!)
    • o pay online now and pick it up in person in August (no shipping, and gives me rent money now…. ;)
    • o pay by bank transfer – email me your mailing address and I’ll send bank details (add $3 for shipping)
    • o pay online using the options below (add $3 for shipping)
  • If you live elsewhere…
    • o add the shipping charge: $3 for Australia/US/Canada, $5 for everywhere else
    • o use your paypal account – send the money to my account (this email) and include your mailing address
    • o pay online by credit card – email me your mailing address and I’ll send you a request for secure payment
  • Buy the album as a digital download (also hear previews of each track)



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