Bad News/Good News

Hey guys,

So my CDs in the USA and Australia are already being sent out to those of you who bought copies. The China portion of the CDs has been stuck in China customs for a month and now it looks like they will be sent back to the USA. This is frustrating, obviously. It also creates a financial drain. Not only will I have to pay extra postage, I can’t sell them here. I think the only option to get them here will be imposing on a few friends to hand carry some of them here. (If you could help with that please let me know!)<

I am very weary over my finances. I sent an email to many of you the other week asking prayer over this situation and others, and there have been improvements since then. I have raised 2/3 of the money I need for rent through album sales and a few donations (you guys rock!). It’s just hard not to look at the situation and want to get all pity-party. I had done my maths and I had the money I needed, but then losing money on the first apartment, and the landlady here wanting 4 months’ rent at a time, and not having found a third flatmate yet… it all adds up. Especially when I can’t sell CDs here to be a financial buffer.¬†Selling another 60 CDs would make a massive difference.

In other good news, though, I will pick up my new visa on Tuesday, and got the whole thing sorted for about $100 including travelling to various places for various documents. I also really love our new apartment and have been slowly unpacking and sorting and hanging things on the walls… it’s looking and feeling very much like home, much more than my place in Langfang ever did.

That’s all for now – just got the news about the CDs going back to the US and wanted to share…. sigh….

Love Tanya

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