Leaving Phnom Penh

A sculpture in the Bangkok airport

A sculpture in the Bangkok airport

I’m in Bangkok airport with a long layover before continuing on to the cold of Beijing. I’m actually looking forward to the winter weather. A little miffed that it snowed in Beijng 36 hours before my return, though!

This was my 5th trip to Cambodia, so I’ve written about it before. (Like here, here and here). It’s interesting how many things that were novel the first time or two are ordinary and expected now to me. I picked up a few more Khmer words this time – and noticed the difference when buying things at Toul Tom Pong (the Russian market). I paid more attention to the language on this trip than I have in the past.

My last day was chiefly spent lazing around Christina’s lovely new apartment reading and playing cards. It was SO NICE to have the space for us to do that – to just be. There was one moment in particular where the niceness rolled over me. We were playing cards with Chris (upstairs flatmate), the sun was shining in the window on us, and the fan was stirring the not-hot air around us, as we lounged on comfy cushions on the floor. So lovely :)

I really enjoy Cambodia. It’s strange that I don’t know when I’ll next be back – probably not until 2013. I’ve been there every 6 months for the past two years so that seems a very long time away. I don’t doubt I’ll be back though – there’s still far too much to see/do there!

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