Another “typical” week

I wasn’t going to do another what-I-did-this-week email so soon but, given recent developments, my schedule may be less typical for the rest of the semester.

Last week was a short week because of Chinese New Year. Normal “work” included 2 singing lessons (with girls from youth group), 2 youth groups (a record of 50 people at our high school group), continuing work on all the projects from last week, and visiting IAB for their assembly (and hanging around til the end of lunch). I’d planned to attend one of BICF’s youth groups as well but a stubborn headache sidelined that.

I spent a lot of time one-on-one with girls from our youth groups. I had dinner with one girl, had two girls over for nails and general hanging out, had a walk/chat with a girl changing schools, and had a long talk with another about schoolfriend issues. I had several long conversations with IAB teachers about the stressful situation they’re dealing with. I got a call from a parent at 7am on Saturday and went over to spend a few hours with her and her daughter.

I taught on the story of Rahab at our high school group (prepared discussion questions and taught the lesson at the end). I edited a college application essay for one of my girls. I watched the tail end of an IAB grade 8 girls’ volleyball game. I had lunch at my favourite fancy hotpot restaurant with a good friend. I was the “producer” at church on Sunday morning.

In less typical occurrences, I sampled biscuits Viki brought back from Guangzhou: like Fig Newtons – but green tea flavoured; I had a casual interview about substitute teaching (not a career move, but a desire to help out at IAB where I can); I reconnected by email with a first cousin I got into mischief with as a kid; and I re-read my favourite book (The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell) and its sequel; and saw a great photo of my sister with a rescue helicopter that conveniently landed outside her office.

This is what my weeks are like – some regular things, some time with kids, lots of time working on projects by email… it all adds up, but “typical” is hard to assign.

Then came Chinese new year… which is a whole ‘nother story!



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