And I thought I was busy before….

Recently I alluded to an upcoming change in my normal schedule. Now let me explain. I’ve talked about IAB before – the Christian international school in Beijing. I also mentioned that there have been some problems at the school this year, including the loss of some excellent teachers and a lot of students.

For the rest of the semester I will be working at IAB, teaching two 8th grade English classes. The previous teacher has wonderful lesson plans that make it an easier transition. I also knew some of the kids already, and they’re a great bunch. I’ve taught 9 school days now and I think it will work out fine.

My week is now much more structured, and I’m rarely at home. Although I only teach two classes a day normally, I’m at school 8-5 most days. Tues-Wed-Thurs I also have evening events to attend, plus optional groups on Friday that I probably won’t be attending this semester. Saturday is my one day off – although this coming Saturday I have an all day church staff meeting. For the next 6 weeks I’ll also be teaching a bible study on Sunday afternoons. Oh, and there’s four weekly singing lessons in there somewhere.

Life is extremely busy, clearly. Yet each individual piece feels “right” and I think it will all mesh together fairly well.

I know that this semester is going to fly by super fast, each week bleeding into the next. I’m juggling SO many different things I need to follow up, between school and youth ministry and attempting to have a personal life. I also have several visitors coming in the next 6 months. It’s all wonderful, but I know I’ll drop the ball now and then. Perhaps it’s all part of learning to accept (and be okay with) my own imperfections…



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