Two jobs equals headaches, but joy trumps the pain!

So I’ve taught my two classes for four weeks now. Life is really busy, and I’m seeing the stress on my body in the form of extra headaches. That said, I’m seeing so much good in being around the students more. They’re such an awesome bunch. And the double-time work is just for a short time, so it’s worth it. But I’m definitely looking forward to Saturday, my first day off in three weeks.

This past weekend was Famine For China, a fundraising event I coordinated. Expat teens from various churches in Beijing got together to go without food and raise money for several charitable projects in the Beijing area. So far we have about 100,000 RMB (about $15,500) and there is lots more coming in.

Wow, I could go on for ever about the event… But I should probably be getting some other things done so I can go to bed.

I will say this: I love my kids. I love what I do. There are sacrifices and hard things about my jobs and my life in general, but I wouldn’t trade it. For everything that makes what I’m doing right now difficult, there are 5 things that bring me great joy. Watching my kids meeting God and learning about the power of worship and entering into his presence… Getting to talk to them and encourage them and listen to their secrets… Watching them grow up before my eyes… There are so many moments every week that confirm that I am doing the very thing I was made for.

And THAT is worth a few headaches :) headache


3 thoughts on “Two jobs equals headaches, but joy trumps the pain!

  1. We ended up with nearly 144,000 RMB, about $22,000. Isn’t that amazing?? Especially for our first time running out own independent event, rather than working with World Vision. And most of the 80 kids who participated spent less than a month fundraising. Imagine what they’ll manage next year…. ;)

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